Whats the difference between ceramic, porcelain, and marble tile?
One of the things that many of our clients often wonder when creating their dream house is what material would best for the bathroom. Should they choose ceramic, porcelain, or marble tile? Which bathroom tile would be more practical and durable? Will mosaic tile look nice?

Most of our clients in Crofton know that ceramic, porcelain, and marble tile each have their own characteristics, but they just aren’t sure which tile is better. Let us help you decide which tiles should be at the top of your list for your bathroom remodeling project this year.


Durability: Thanks to its extremely smooth surface, marble has a luxurious appeal that looks gorgeous in high-end homes. Unfortunately, the material is prone to many scratches and can be easily damaged.

Maintenance: If cleaning really isn’t your thing, you’ll want to avoid marble like the plague. Like most natural stone tiles like slate and travertine, marble is extremely high maintenance. The material must be sealed and cleaned regularly, so frequent dusting and mopping may be in your future if you choose to install marble in your bathroom.

Price: Over the years, marble has frequently been associated with timeless beauty, but of course, you’re going to pay for it. The cost of purchasing and installing marble can be between $9 and $24, which can do some serious damage to your finances. Although the materials are absolutely stunning, marble mosaic tiles and glass are even more expensive.


Durability: Ceramic tile is really tough, and the tiles are difficult to crack, unlike marble tile. When the material is installed by an experienced bathroom designer, ceramic tile can last for many years, especially if it is well-maintained.

Maintenance: With ceramic tile, you can breathe out a sigh of relief because the material is extremely easy to maintain. To keep the floor free of loose debris and dirt, you just need to regularly sweep and vacuum the surface. If you notice stains on the material, you can use tough cleaners without worrying about damaging the material.

Price: Ceramic is extremely affordable, with the average cost less than $5 per a square foot for the material and installation.


Durability: Due to its solid, dense, and hard nature, porcelain tile is known as one of the most durable flooring options on the market today. When shopping for porcelain tile, make sure that you choose one with a PEI rating of at least 5 so that it will withstand heavy traffic.

Maintenance: Homeowners who have fallen in love with porcelain will be happy to know that the material is extremely easy to maintain because it features a natural stain that’s water-resistant. Spills can be easily spot-cleaned with a mop or damp rag and regular sweeping can quickly remove debris and dust from the floor.

Price: As compared to marble tile, porcelain is less expensive, with the average cost of both material and installation ranging from $8 to $15 for a square foot.

Place Ceramic And Porcelain At The Top Of Your List

Although we install all three of these types of tile, we strongly believe that ceramic and porcelain come out on top because of their affordability and easy maintenance. Regardless of the type of tile that you choose for your bathroom remodeling project, the material should be installed by a professional bathroom designer in Crofton.

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