Let’s Say Goodbye To VCR’s, Rotary Phones, And Finally Formal Dining Rooms.
Elegant furniture. Grandma’s heirloom tablecloth. Fine china. These are likely some of the things you’ll find in your formal dining room, but you

probably don’t even need to look too closely to also notice piles of stuff like mail, pantry items, past season decorations, and book bags on the table and cobwebs and dust along the floor and walls. The truth of the matter is that formal dining rooms just aren’t being used as much anymore. But, instead of letting the formal dining room be used as a collector of junk and dust, some of our customers are choosing to transform the unused space into a larger, functional kitchen.

The Walls Are Coming Down

During an in-home consultation, many of our customers ask us how they can improve their kitchen. Our society has completely fallen in love with expanded spaces and open floor plans, so we usually recommend this kind of kitchen design.

While some homes are built with this popular kitchen design in mind, other homes need to be reconfigured and redeveloped to attain this open floor plan. When you hire our company as your custom contractor, we’ll remove the wall between the existing smaller kitchen and the neglected formal dining room or any room that isn’t maximized.

Our kitchen remodeling professionals can then build a big island, more kitchen cabinets, or anything else to make your new dining space more functional. The kitchen remodeling job is never too difficult because 9 out of 10 times the kitchen is adjacent to the formal dining room.

Converting The Space To Accommodate Today’s Lifestyle

Once we tear these walls down, our customers are free to use the new, generous space as a casual dining area. Most people can also quickly transform the space into an elegant dining area to entertain family and guests on special occasions.

For our customers with an extremely active family, they may choose to create an eat-in seating area in the kitchen and then a game room/homework area in the space that was occupying the old formal dining room. The possibilities are truly endless, and all of our customers love that they are finally able to inhabit every room in their house, rather than setting aside a formal space that is only used once or twice a year.

Give The Best Kitchen Contractor A Call Today!

When presented with the choice of creating a larger, functional kitchen or keeping the existing, catch-all formal dining room, most of our customers opt for the grander kitchen with custom kitchen cabinets. Do you also view your formal dining room as a waste of valuable space? Would you like to make more room for a big island or kitchen cabinets?

If so, you should definitely give our kitchen remodeling contractor a call! We proudly offer our reputable kitchen design services to those residing in Crofton, Gambrills, Odenton, Severna Park, and Crownsville, and the surrounding areas.