After you decide on the best countertop for your kitchen remodeling project, choosing an edge profile is the next step to obtaining your dream kitchen. Let’s explore the many different edge profiles available for your kitchen.


Eased Edge

Eased Edges

One of the most popular edge profiles is the eased edge. These types of edges are highlighted by a soft square, which ultimately ensures safer corners that are not too sharp. The edges also give granite countertops an understated, elegant, and simple look. Eased edges are perfect for small kitchens because they are extremely easy to clean after a spillage, unlike more intricate edges.

As a top kitchen designer in Crofton Maryland, we also recommend eased edges for narrow walkways and tight corners. There is no doubt that eased edges are the most popular profile that we fabricate.


Ogee Edge

Ogee Edges

Ogee edges are considered to be the most decorative edge profiles. Since ogee edges closely resemble the elegant style of the Renaissance, they are great for homeowners with a traditional kitchen.

Great for natural stone and laminate surfaces, ogee edges feature the signature “S” shape, consisting of two curves that can be dramatic and deep or more subtle. Because the edges can add a significant amount of depth to your countertops, it works best with bigger kitchens.



Half Bullnose Edge

Half Bullnose Edges

Half bullnose edges are a preferred choice among homeowners because they can provide warmth to a kitchen.

These edges are essentially rounded on the top but flat on the bottom. Granite countertops with half bullnose edges are extremely easy to clean since there are no grooves or intricate details.



Beveled Edge

Beveled Edges

A beveled edge profile can be identified by its sharp 45-degree angle. The sharp cuts gives the countertop an elegant, sleek, and angled look, so it’s a great choice for a kitchen with a contemporary design.

Due its simple and flat design, homeowners will have no problems cleaning a beveled edge countertop.



Bullnose Edge

Bullnose Edges

Bullnose edges is a great option for contemporary and traditional kitchens. The edges are characterized by a round edge from the top to bottom, providing the kitchen with a sophisticated appearance.

If the house is full of children, homeowners may want to consider bullnose edges because there aren’t any sharp corners.


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