The world is changing at a fast rate due to the revolution of technology. The world has quickly migrated from an age where people used to cook with clay pots and had to taste food to ensure that it is well cooked. Nowadays, there are smart cookers that can ensure food is cooked without you having to taste it. Fridges can now link to the internet and cutlery are Bluetooth-enabled. If your kitchen is old-fashioned, there is nothing wrong with it. However, you are losing on speed, convenience, and efficiency that comes with these smart appliances. If you are remodeling your kitchen, then ensure your kitchen design includes some of these devices. Here are seven smart kitchen appliances for you to try this year.

1. LG InstaView ThinQ
LG has been involved in the smart device industry for quite some time. With ThinQ, you get an advanced smart fridge with AI that allows it to communicate with other ThinQ devices by LG. For instance, it can inform the dishwasher that plenty of dishes are on the way. The Instaview ThinQ has an AI platform that has Alexa built-in to it. Alexa can help in reading out recipes and allow you to include items to your shopping list in real time as you run out of things in your kitchen. You also get entertainment in your kitchen.

The smart fridge has a front 29-inch screen that runs WebOS. It has apps that you can use to leave doodles for the members of your family, input information on the fridge contents, or make notes. With two taps, the screen display becomes transparent to let you see inside the fridge. Also, there is a panoramic camera inside that allows you to view fridge contents from your smartphone, which makes this smart fridge perfect for your smart house.

2. Triby
The Invoxia Triby is a great smart appliance for your kitchen remodeling. It lets you leave messages for your family members and call them instantly via Wi-Fi. Additionally, if you don’t remember to leave a note, you can write one remotely with your smartphone as a canvas. Moreover, you can get extra functions through its integration to HomeKit and Amazon Alexa.

3. Smarter Coffee 2.0
Smarter is on its second generation coffee maker that can make coffee for you whenever you want it. The moment you feel you want some, you can use your tablet or smartphone to get things started. You can get up to 12 cups at once, and you can also pick the strength of the brew. The smart appliance can have “wake up” and “welcome home” modes that you can set to start the gadget based on set timings and geo-locations. Also, with IFTTT applets you can create a variety of recipes that will match your mood. For instance, Fitbit can record a lousy night’s sleep, and Smarter Coffee 2.0 will make strong coffee in the morning. To make this smart gadget a dominant set up for your kitchen design, integrate it with Alexa.

4. Meater+ Smart Thermometer
If you have a problem with undercooking meat, which poisons the food, then this gadget is for you. The company made the first wireless smart meat thermometer, and now it brings the second generation Meater+. The best thing about the smart device is that it comes with an app. You use it by inserting it inside the meat food you are cooking. The app will then inform you on the target temperature, the ambient temperature, and the current temperature, offering you alerts on cooking times during the process. The Meter+ remains in the food the whole time. You can use it for all types of meats, including pork, beef, fish, and poultry. The device is ideal for your kitchen remodeling since you can also use it for the BBQ, oven cooking, and more. The Meater probe normally charges via an AA battery within its box. It utilizes its case as a signal repeater and offers a range of 50m from your smartphone.

5. Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker
The best thing you can do for your new kitchen design is coming up with an alternative cooking method. Sous vide is one such alternative that forms a great part of a smart house. This method of cooking aids you in getting particular about the cooking of your meat. In this cooking method, you will be boiling your meat while protecting it with a plastic bag. On the other hand, the Anova Culinary will keep you alerted through its companion app about how the meat is cooking. It will help you in preparing your meat to precision before finishing it off on a grill to achieve the BBQ flavor and look.

6. Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker
This is of the best smart appliances for the kitchen and it is WeMo-enabled to let you tweak the cooking settings remotely. The gadget is accompanied by the free WeMo app that allows you to look at the cook-time, the temperature, and adjust settings to heat or turn off the appliance right from your tablet or smartphone. It increases the convenience of cooking with a crockpot, mainly if you are late on traffic on your way home. Additionally, if you have the WeMo switches and smart bulbs, you get the convenience of using one app for all your gadgets.

7. GeniCan
GeniCan stays with your garbage can to ensure that you always remember the groceries you require. To include items in your shopping list, you swipe the barcode of the item on the barcode reader of GeniCan. You can then see the item included on a list on the Genican app on your smartphone. In case the item lacks a barcode, hold it before the scanner for a few seconds. When the device misses the barcode, it will ask you to tell it what you want to be added to your shopping list.

It’s high time you leave the Stone Age and embrace the current world of smart gadgets. Obtain convenience with any of these seven intelligent devices. Therefore, as you look to remodel your kitchen, you need a partner who has a smart kitchen in mind; you need Morgan Building and Remodeling. We are located in Anne Arundel County Maryland and we will remodel your kitchen so that it meets you needs.