According to a recent survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors, homeowners who take on the challenges and inconveniences of a full kitchen remodeling experience increased happiness and long term satisfaction in their home.

The survey revealed that homeowners who take on kitchen remodeling ranked with a perfect JoyScore of 10. 95 percent of those polled say that they feel an increased sense of enjoyment and happiness after completion of the kitchen remodeling project. With so many homeowners in agreement about the increased sense of joy they received from an updated kitchen, it only makes sense to look at some potential factors for prospective homeowners to investigate before taking on any kitchen design project.

Factors to Consider Before Tackling Your Next Kitchen Design Project


    • Cost – The most obvious consideration before entering any home improvement task is the amount of money available to successfully complete the project. With online searches revealing a base cost of $10,000 to as high as $30,000, one must be very cautious about entering such a large scale kitchen design project without the necessary capital to finish the project.


    • Time – If the job is a quick touch up of paint then a few days may be necessary. However, if the project is a major overhaul, then what may seem like a few weekends may drag into months of hard work. Ask yourself, “Am I prepared to sacrifice all my free time for several months to get this project completed?” If the answer is ‘no,’ you might want to consult with a kitchen contractor. A quality kitchen contractor can save you time and money over doing it yourself because these professionals have already done countless kitchens. They know the inherent risks and setbacks that can be realized once the walls come tumbling down!


    • ROI: ROI, or Return On Investment, is an industry standard term that is used by smart homeowners to make improvements on their home. Essentially, an ROI above 100% will mean that the homeowner will receive all the money spent on a particular project back once the house is sold. There are not many of these types of projects. However, according to, (, the ROI on a complete kitchen remodel is about 80%! That’s quite high! However, this number assumes a showroom quality job done by a professional. No one is willing to pay for poorly assembled new cabinets, shoddy paint work, or trim pieces that don’t meet perfectly. Buyers expect the best. This, again, is where a licensed kitchen contractor can come in.


So Who Can I Turn To in Crofton Maryland for Professional Kitchen Remodeling Services?

Although there are several fine remodelers in Crofton Maryland, trust none other than Morgan Building & Remodeling, LLC. Whether its just new cabinets, or total remodel, our team of experts can help with the planning, budgeting, and design of your next kitchen project. Call us today for a free estimate!