Not using that bathtub?

There’s a common belief among homeowners that the master bathroom needs to contain a tub, but we’re here to inform you that this popular assumption couldn’t be further from the truth. A master bathroom is just as functional without a tub! While we always recommend keeping at least one bathtub in the house for possible resale value, it’s completely ok to get rid of that ugly tub in the master bathroom that gets neglected. At Morgan Building & Remodeling, our excellent bathroom remodeling consists of building custom showers with benches and wall niches in place of your old tub. Here are the many benefits to replacing your master bathtub with a modern, custom shower.

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Bathroom Trends for 2019

Regardless of your personal taste, the bathroom will always be a space that deserves a touch of luxury. Here are a few of the best bathroom design trends of 2019 that will inspire your next bathroom remodeling.

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