Did you know that a modern kitchen needs the right balance of lighting to accomplish everyday tasks?

From locating ingredients and preparing meals to completing homework assignments and making “to-do” lists, the kitchen is a versatile space that often requires ambient, recessed, and task lighting.

Our guide will show you the importance of modern kitchen lighting.


When you are designing a kitchen, you’ll want to ensure that the light is distributed evenly throughout the space and the high-use areas are well-lit. As a primary source of light, ambient is just the type of lighting that you need.

Ambient is cast evenly from the ceiling by using flushmounts, chandeliers, recessed lighting and/or pendant lighting. Ambient works perfectly with natural lighting.

If you have a small kitchen, consider installing a large flushmount ceiling light right in the center of the space. To customized the space, add recessed lights.

Don’t forget to add dimmers to ensure that the space isn’t too bright.


Ambient lighting is great for helping you get around in the kitchen, but sometimes other areas of the space may need more illumination.

Along with hiding any shadows in a space, task lighting can be used to illuminate certain areas of the kitchen to make preparing meals, finding ingredients, and reading recipes easy.

Under-Cabinet Task Lighting Options

The most popular task lighting options are puck lights and strip lights.

Puck Lights: Available in the form of a spot, scallop, or pool of light, puck lights are ideal for illuminating kitchen countertops.

Strip Lights: Known as a versatile type of lighting, strip lights are highly recommended for illuminating the interior of cabinets as these areas don’t receive much ambient lighting.


Would you like to make your kitchen shine? With accent lighting, you can emphasize your favorite features.

Here are some kitchen accent lights that you are sure to love.

Overcabinet: When you install overcabinet lighting between the ceiling and cabinet, you’ll be adding a dramatic flair to your kitchen. Overcabinet lighting is great for illuminating architecture and accent decor.

Recessed: The great thing about recessed lighting is that it can go anywhere. Add recessed lighting if you want to illuminate beautiful glass cabinets and open shelves.

Toekick Lights: These lights are typically produced via LED tape or rope lights, and they are perfect for lighting up a pathway.

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