Regardless of your personal taste, the bathroom will always be a space that deserves a touch of luxury. Here are a few of the best bathroom design trends of 2019 that will inspire your next bathroom remodeling.

Multi-Showerhead Shower

One of this year’s biggest bathroom trends is customization, and lucky for you, the multi-showerhead shower allows you to achieve just that. With a luxury rain showerhead installed on the wall, a wall-mounted showerhead, and a convenient handheld showerhead within easy reach, you’ll have the opportunity to choose your water stream based on your needs and moods. While one day you may crave an invigorating and massaging body spray shower, the next day you may want a relaxing rain or waterfall-like shower. Even if your mood changes everyday, this type of shower is one that you’ll always enjoy.

Since each shower contains its own volume control, you can accommodate virtually everyone in your household, and you can also mount different showerheads at different heights to make showering more fun for family members.

Before hopping on board this cool bathroom trend, just make sure that your plumbing can provide enough pressure for multiple showerheads and that your hot water heater can offer a sufficient supply of hot water.

Radiant Heat floors

Although radiant heat floors have actually been around for many years, they are especially popular this year in colder climates. By using a programmable digital thermostat, you can quickly preheat your floor to a desired temperature before getting into the shower each morning. For your convenience, they can also be turned off or turned down. Along with your feet being effectively warmed every time you use the bathroom, the ultimate result of heated floors is a morning routine that is easier and more comfortable.

Layered Lighting

Many experts agree that a scattered arrangement of dull down lights or the single light fixture in the center of your bathroom are just not in style anymore. If you would like a modern, luxury bathroom, then you must install a wide range of lightening that is both functional and glamorous.

To create a bathroom that feels high-end and soothing, consider using recessed LED or dropped ceiling lightening. These types of dimmable lighting are essential for constructing a calm, spa-like sanctuary that your household is sure to love.

Morgan Building and Remodeling Can Create Your Dream Bathroom!

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