Once just considered a storage unit, kitchen cabinetry is now an integral component of a kitchen’s overall decor. As a savvy homeowner in or around Crofton MD, you probably want to stay on top of this year’s kitchen trends, and we’re here to show you how. Check out these amazing 2019 kitchen trends.

1. Open Shelving

Often used in lieu of upper cabinets, open shelving is a kitchen trend that is slowly winning over the hearts of homeowners, thanks to its ability to turn a wall into a beautiful focal point. Although you may be hesitant to forgo closed door wall cabinetry, you should know that open shelving has many benefits such as creating a light and airy environment, providing the illusion of ample space, and reflecting more natural light. Just make sure that you are thoughtful about the things that you place on the shelves as each item will impact the overall aesthetic of your kitchen.

2. Color Customization

In case you didn’t know, cookie-cutter kitchen designs are a thing of the past. Today, homeowners are wanting a kitchen that reflect their unique personalities, and they are not shying away from using colors to do so. As you can probably guess, color customization is one of the hottest kitchen trends.

There are three primary color categories that you can select: light, medium, and dark. While light tones can create a soft and simple look, dark tones can offer a bold and luxurious vibe. Medium tones hues are the most popular, especially the standard shades of yellow, blue, and grey.

3. Oak Wood Cabinetry

From the 1970s to the 1990s, oak wood was the cabinet of choice for many homeowners. After a much needed break from the marketplace, oak wood cabinetry is making a comeback. Many homeowners love that this type of cabinetry can complement virtually any kitchen space, thanks to its neutral color. If you choose to paint oak, shades of blue, gray, and black seem to be the way to go.

4. Transitional Styling

Among many homeowners, transitional styling is the preferred kitchen trend because it offers the best of both worlds: A contemporary kitchen with minimalist features and a kitchen with a warm, traditional vibe.

If you would like a traditional kitchen, consider installing white, shaker-styled doors and a magnificent chandelier above the island. In addition, consider using light-colored marble countertops and flat black hardware.

5. Clean Aesthetics

There is no way around it: Clean and simple lines are hot right now as they reflect the lifestyle trend known as minimalism. As a result, the cabinetry construction industry has embraced clean aesthetics, which is a popular kitchen trend that features shaker-styled doors and recessed panel doors. These types of kitchen cabinets are usually equipped with low-profile handles and knobs, enhancing the minimalist kitchen design.

6. Smart Tech Storage Solutions

Like it or not, technology is finding its way into the kitchen. At the least, modern cabinets should contain a charging deck for all of your high-tech devices including smartphones, tablets, and laptops. After all, your devices need to stay charged while following recipes online and watching cooking videos.

7. Multiple Finish Colors

Many homeowners in Crofton MD are taking advantage of the many different kitchen cabinets finish colors and techniques; therefore, it’s not too surprising that one of this year’s kitchen trends involves mixing a variety of finish colors for a unique appearance.

8. Big Single Bowl Sinks Or Multiple Sinks

Due to the well-known fact that people are trading hand washing dishes for the convenience of a dish washer, many homeowners are simply not desiring double bowl sinks. As far as sinks go, the trend is to install farmhouse sinks in Crofton MD. These types of sinks are extremely popular because of their large and deep size.

9. Under Cabinet Lighting

Similar to many other aspects of kitchen remodeling, under cabinet lighting is a great kitchen trend that can camouflage the shadows that are typically created by the overhead lighting. This type of lighting also offer illumination for food preparation and cooking, which is perfect for any new kitchen in Crofton MD.

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